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The State of Motion is an guided tour exhibition curated by Kent Chan and organised by Asia Film Archive.

"Films take place over time and State of Motion retraces these places with Singaporean artist and filmmaker, Toh Hun Ping through his extensive research on 20th century Singapore films and their filming locations. With a focus on a selection of classic Cathay-Keris films, audiences go on a trip to these film locations where an artwork responding to both the film and its site awaits them. Participants are encouraged to not just remember, but to re-imagine the film and an ever-changing Singapore landscape."

Artists are Kin Chui (with ila and Godwin Koay), Mark Thia, Hafiz Osman, Stephanie Jane Burt, and Mike HJ Chang.

Bus Stop, is a site specific installation located on the site of East Coast Pilot Land Reclamation Project (Upper East Coast Road). Referencing to one of the filming location of Mat Tiga Suki (1964) the sandy bus stop can be seen as a mirage that appears in the middle of a desert (now a forest). The ever expanding coastal line of Singapore has direct impact on human activities; here they are manifested in the form of a bus stop made of sand.