mike hj chang

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Exhibition runs Saturday 11 February to Wednesday 12 April 2017
Exhibition tour: Saturday 11 February, 4:30–5:30 pm

Earl Lu Gallery, Basement Mezzanine, LASALLE College of the Arts
All welcome. Admission is free

Artists: Stephanie Burt, Mike HJ Chang, Alexander Storey Gordon, Kari Robertson and Tan Guo-Liang

Curated by Stephanie Burt

This exhibition brings together video, sculpture and drawing by five artists based in Singapore, Scotland and the Netherlands. It takes as its starting point 'Last year at Marienbad' (1961), an enigmatic French avant-garde film directed by Alain Resnais from a screenplay by Alain Robbe-Grillet that explores the unusual, sometimes random, nature of experience. 'Suppose, there is A' examines abstract readings of aspects of the film, including a non-linear narrative that is fractured, slippery and often ambiguous, notions of memory and romance, and austere visual beauty.

Stephanie Burt returned to live and work in Singapore in 2015, after completing a Master of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. She met Alexander Storey Gordon and Kari Robertson during her years living in Scotland. Tan Guo-Liang completed his MFA at Glasgow School of Art the year following Stephanie. Mike HJ Chang was one of three artists who organised 'The beach that never was', presented in the Earl Lu Gallery in 2014; it included the work of Stephanie Burt.

Chang's works in the exhibition consist of 20 individual art works installed on a single wall.