mike hj chang

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Artist's Bedroom Door at 45 Degree (Pulau Ubin) is a documentation photograph captured during Chang's participation in the 2012 Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme by The Artists Village. While living the quiet, backwater island life, Chang was interested in the concept of liminal spaces, and reactions from blurring the lines between the public and the private. He also reinvestigated forms that are usually encountered and experienced in vertical view, as in a door or street lamp, and in horizontal view, as in a bed or floor mat, Chang recreated the bedroom door at his Pulau Ubin lodgings to a 45-degree angle, rendering it unusable. At the end of his residency, he presented Untitled Night, an exhibit comprising four framed collages, one photograph, one sculpture work, and one single-channel video.

Artist's Bedroom Door at 45 Degree (Pulau Ubin), digital photograph printed on archival paper, 42cm x 59cm.